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The library at Puistokatu 4 is now open – come and visit the new living room of Kaivopuisto!

In the library at Puistokatu 4, you can browse an ever-growing collection of books, bring your children to play in a secret playhouse, or enjoy a cup of coffee.

A new living room for the residents of Helsinki opens by Kaivopuisto when the library at Puistokatu 4 opens its doors on 7 November. The library is located on the first floor of the building and is open during the building’s opening hours between 9 AM and 5 PM on weekdays.

‘From the beginning, it has been important for us to create a space at Puistokatu where everyone is welcome. You can visit the library on your own, with your friends, or bring your baby or your dog – to work or to do your homework, or to read, play or simply to hang out. There is no obligation to buy anything,’ says Nina Ruotsalainen, Chief Experience Officer at Puistokatu 4.


Johanna Riitakorpi and Kaisa Välimäki from Forum for Environmental Information test out the work space at the Puistokatu 4 library.

The book selection includes non-fiction as well as fiction books that focus on the theme of the future, nature, limits of the planet, and hope. Most of the books have been donated by publishers or from the collections of different foundations.

You can also suggest a book to be added to the Puistokatu library or donate one yourself. For suggestions and donations, you can contact us via Instagram.

Coffee breaks and playtime in the secret playhouse

Right next to the library there is the the Elm restaurant. The restaurant staff has promised to get the espresso machine going before the lunch time that begins at 11.30 AM, should someone at the library feel like having some coffee.

‘I’m sure there’ll be something sweet or savory to have with your cappuccino as well’, says Luka Balac, owner of the Elm restaurant.

In the future, the library will also serve as the backdrop for the events organised at Puistokatu. The goal is to organise discussions by the fireplace, cosy gigs, and meetings for book clubs to gather on the comfortable sofas.

Additionally, there is a secret playhouse decorated by the Skidit group for the enjoyment of children.

‘We have planned the user experience at the Puistokatu 4 library from the point of view of accessibility, and the space is also suitable for families with children and people who are visiting with their babies,’ Ruotsalainen says.


The secret playhouse decorated by Skidit invites children to play.

Children have been taken into account with the use of soft furnishing and the items chosen. The library is accessible from the building’s main entrance with an elevator and there is a place for diaper changes, new diapers and a microwave available on the same floor.

‘We hope that as many different groups of users as possible will find our library and learn more about the themes of this house through it. One of the house rules at Puistokatu reminds of the importance of truly listening to one another. We believe that a shared living room and a cup of coffee provide an excellent opportunity for this.’

The library at Puistokatu 4 opens on 7 November. The library is open between 9 AM and 5 PM on weekdays.