Minttu Jaakkola (she/her)
Minttu Jaakkola (she/her), Executive Director

Our Executive Director Minttu is one of the founders of Puistokatu 4. Minttu is responsible for the strategic management and development of Puistokatu 4.

Minttu Salminen (she/her)
Minttu Salminen (she/her), Program Specialist

Our Program Specialist Minttu holds the entire programme of Puistokatu 4 in her hands till summer 2024.

Joel Haapamäki (he/him)
Joel Haapamäki (he/him), Communications Specialist

Our Communications Specialist Joel makes sure that the joyful message of Puistokatu 4 is spread loud and clear.

Anna Herlin (she/her)
Anna Herlin (she/her), Co-Founder and Strategic Support

Anna, who works as the Head of Development at the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, supports Puistokatu 4 in strategy and stakeholder work.

Vesa Hoikka (he/him)
Vesa Hoikka (he/him), Head of House

Vesa, our Head of House, makes sure that the users of the house have the best possible conditions to focus on their work.

Sampo Wirkkala (he/him)
Sampo Wirkkala (he/him), Civil servant

Puistokatu 4’s first-ever civil servant Sampo is the newest addition to our team. Sampo works as the right hand of our Head of House Vesa and likes to spend his free time doing boardsports.

Heta Heikkala (she/they)
Heta Heikkala (she/they), Communications trainee

Our Communications Trainee Heta will assist Puistokatu 4 with communications during the summer and fall.

Nina Salasola (she/her)
Nina Salasola (she/her), CXO (on family leave)

Our Chief Experience Officer Nina is multi-skilled expert in the cultural and organisational field!

Puistokatu 4, 00140 Helsinki

The premises of Puistokatu 4 are accessible for all visitors.

The yard and main entrance of Puistokatu 4 are accessible, the yard is paved in stone blocks and the slope of the ramp to the main door is eight degrees. The main door is motion sensor operated, and the elevator is directly accessible from the vestibule. All three floors of the house, and the cellar, are accessible by elevator. Elevator controls are placed at an accessible height and the elevator doors open in two directions. There is an accessible toilet/child care room on Floor 1 and the meeting rooms for rent are located on Floor 1 and Floor 2.

These are accessible, with the exception of the small meeting room on Floor 1, as the original door is only 71 cm wide.

The Gym on Floor 2 of the house is accessible, and can be reached by elevator. There is no accessible toilet on Floor 2.

Restaurant Elm on Floor 1 is accessible by elevator. The old thresholds between the rooms have been lowered to allow passage of wheelchairs. The elevated terrace of the restaurant is accessible by wheelchair from the house, via the main door.

An induction loop is available in the Library (Floor 1) and The Gym (Floor 2) of Puistokatu 4.

Safer space guidelines

At Puistokatu 4, we foster an inclusive environment and observe safer space guidelines. We’re fortunate to base our principles on the foundations laid by instances like Ruskeat Tytöt Media, the Culture for All Service and the UN Association of Finland: we extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you.

You are welcome to events at Puistokatu 4 as you are, regardless of race, skin colour, gender, languages spoken, religion or political views. In this house, everyone has the right to feel safe without fear of prejudice, bias or sexual, physical or verbal harassment.

In short, then: Respect everyone’s physical and mental space. Don’t behave in a manner that insults others verbally or physically. Make no assumptions regarding the sexuality, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, values, socioeconomic background, health or ability of others. Give space readily so that everyone may take part in discussion. Apologise when/if you have insulted someone, whether on purpose or by accident.

Should you notice or experience something that conflicts with these principles in our space or at our events, take measures to stop it or contact our Safer Space Person Minttu Salminen ( Don’t hesitate to suggest additions or amendments to our guidelines. We’re open to hearing first-hand experiences and ready to amend and develop our guidelines based on feedback.

Newsletter Privacy Policy
  1. Data controller

Puistokatu 4, 00140 Helsinki, Finland

  1. Matters concerning the register

Our Data Protection Officer Emmi Liulia will respond to queries and feedback concerning the register by email within five business days (

  1. Name of the register

Puistokatu 4 Newsletter Register

  1. Purpose of processing personal data

The purpose of processing personal data is to communicate about the activities. We send information about our events to the persons in the register.

  1. Data content of the register

The register may contain the following information about clients:

  • Name
  • Organisation
  • Title
  • Email address


  1. Regular data sources of the register

The register is compiled from the user information system (MailChimp) of Puistokatu 4 and the information is maintained through manual updating. Users can subscribe to the newsletter on a special form that saves the user’s email address and the date of subscription. Newsletter subscriptions can be cancelled by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe’ link at the end of each newsletter or by contacting the website administrator.

  1. Regular disclosure of personal data

The data controller shall not disclose the personal data of data subjects to third parties, unless required to do so by the Finnish authorities.

  1. Deletion of data

Data will be deleted at the request of the data subject or when Puistokatu 4 so decides.

  1. Principles of register protection

Personal data is kept confidential. The data network of Puistokatu 4, and the equipment in which the register is located, are protected using the appropriate technical processes.

  1. Right of prohibition

The data subject has the right to prohibit us from sending them the newsletter.



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