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Artists, PhD researchers, professors and consultants – meet the first members of Puistokatu 4!

The first 15 research and 11 agent members have started their work at the Space for Science and Hope. The diverse group includes sociologists, biologists, consultants, representatives of foundations and many others.

Researchers and agents meet in the 2nd floor lobby. In the foreground, Otto Tähkäpää of the Futures School, Professor of Sociology Olli Pyyhtinen and PhD researchers Alma Onali and Sara Peltola.


On 28 November, the Space of Science and Hope celebrated a long-awaited day when the first researcher and agent members of Puistokatu 4 had the opportunity to meet each other and get to know the House’s activities and their future working spaces.

The first 15 researchers and 11 agent members were selected from the 49 applications received during the summer. The members will work at Puistokatu from a few months to a year. All members of Puistokatu 4, both researchers and agents, are united in their work for an ecologically sustainable future.

In addition to the new members, the house employs staff from the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, the Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation, the Forum of Environmental Information and Puistokatu 4.

Applications for researcher and agent positions can be submitted at all times; positions will be filled as they become available.


PhD researchers and professors

Puistokatu 4’s first researcher members include both professors and early-career PhD researchers. Their research fields range from environmental science to marketing and sociology. The researchers’ home universities are located in different parts of Finland.

Researcher members will work in the Science Attic on the 3rd floor of the building.

“We were able to attract a diverse range of excellent applications in terms of disciplines and research areas. It is also great to have researchers at different stages of their careers among those selected,” says Executive Director Minttu Jaakkola.

The first researcher members at Puistokatu 4:

  • Katja Enberg, Professor, University of Helsinki and University of Bergen
  • Johanna Hyrkäs, PhD researcher, Aalto University
  • Vilma Halonen, PhD researcher, LUT University
  • Johanna Jämsä, PhD researcher, University of Turku
  • Lotta Kaila, PhD researcher, University of Helsinki
  • Katri Koivuneva, PhD researcher, University of Lapland
  • Maija Lassila, PhD researcher, University of Helsinki
  • Pauliina Latvala-Harvilahti, Docent, University of Eastern Finland
  • Mikael Nurminen, PhD researcher, University of Tampere
  • Alma Onali, PhD researcher, University of Tampere
  • Hanna Paulomäki, Researcher, Aalto University
  • Sara Peltola, PhD researcher, University of Jyväskylä
  • Olli Pyyhtinen, Professor, University of Tampere
  • Johannes Roviomaa, Researcher, University of Lapland
  • Sonja Salomäki, PhD researcher, University of Lapland
  • BIODIFUL research group



Consultants, artists and resolvers of environmental disputes

The first agent members of Puistokatu 4 include representatives from the art world, business and foundations. They represent expertise in areas such as consultancy for large companies and EU projects, inclusiveness issues and environmental conflict resolution.

The agent members will work in the Blue Room on the 2nd floor.

“Although our agent members come from different backgrounds, they are united by Puistokatu 4’s mission of pursuing a good life within planetary boundaries. I can’t wait to see how the agents find each other and the diverse community of researchers in the Science Attic,” says Nina Ruotsalainen, Chief Experience Officer at Puistokatu 4.

The first agent members at Puistokatu 4: