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Puistokatu 4’s library starts hosting exhibitions – Noora Geagea’s and Moe Mustafa’s work on display in March

The library at Puistokatu 4 will start hosting exhibitions from March. Suggest your own exhibition or work!

A Space for Science and Hope was inaugurated in August 2022 with the 14 Rooms exhibition, and now the art exhibitions are returning to Puistokatu 4 – more specifically, to our library!

Throughout March, the library will host 1 minute (2024), the work by Noora Geagea (idea, direction and production) and Moe Mustafa (sound design and visual consultancy). The two-channel video work depicts the being and acting of an individual in the midst of a crisis.

Are you making art that deals with the relationship between humans and nature, a more ecologically sustainable future or hope in times of environmental crisis? Would you like your work to be exhibited? Suggest your work/exhibition to our Programme Specialist Minttu Salminen (minttu.salminen@puistokatu4.com).

 In August 2022, the library room of Puistokatu 4 was taken over by Skidit collective as part of the “14 Rooms” opening exhibition.