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Welcome to have lunch with a researcher – Puistokatu 4 offers!

Welcome to restaurant Elm to have lunch and learn about the research work being done at Puistokatu 4. We will take care of the bill!

Welcome to Puistokatu 4’s researcher lunch!

Almost 30 researchers from numerous different fields work at Puistokatu 4. All our researchers are united by the work for an ecologically sustainable future.

Puistokatu 4 now offers an opportunity to get to know our researchers over lunch at restaurant Elm. We’ll pay for a total of 20 researcher lunches during 2023.


  • Send a lunch request directly to the researcher’s email. In the request, introduce yourself and tell why you want to have lunch with the reviewer. Please cc the message to Puistokatu 4’s Executive Director Minttu Jaakkola (minttu@puistokatu4.com).
  • The researcher and the presenter of the lunch invitation agree on a time for lunch at Restaurant Elm. The maximum cost of lunch is 60 euros. This gets you two lunch menus. Puistokatu 4 pays the bill.
  • After lunch, the presenter of the invitation will send a photo and a summary of the lunch discussion to our Communications Specialist Joel Haapamäki (joel@puistokatu4.com). The material is used in Puistokatu 4’s social media.