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Welcome to have lunch with a researcher – Puistokatu 4 offers!

Welcome to restaurant Elm to have lunch and learn about the research work being done at Puistokatu 4. We will take care of the bill!

The highly popular Puistokatu 4 Researcher Lunch is back!

Puistokatu 4 is home to over 40 researchers from a wide range of disciplines. All our researchers are united in their work for a more ecologically sustainable future.

Puistokatu 4 offers the opportunity to meet our researchers over lunch in the picturesque setting of Restaurant Elm. Instructions for registration below.


  • Send a lunch request directly to the researcher’s email (and cc: Executive Director of Puistokatu 4 Minttu Jaakkola, minttu@puistokatu4.com). You can invite both our active members and alumni for lunch. In your request, please introduce yourself and explain why you would like to have lunch with that particular researcher.
  • Once lunch has been arranged, book a table at Restaurant Elm. The maximum cost of the lunch is 40 euros.
  • Submit a photo of the lunch meeting and a short summary of your discussions to our Communications Specialist Joel Haapamäki (joel@puistokatu4.com). The material will be used in our social media platforms.