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Empathy, transitions and respecting the biosphere – Puistokatu 4’s opening exhibition takes the visitor to 14 different realms of hope

Puistokatu 4’s opening exhibition 14 huonetta (’14 rooms’) opens the doors of the house from August 8th to 21st. Here you can read about the artist and the artwork of the exhibition.

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An Interview

Jani Toivola ja Emilia Hernesniemi

In your everyday life, do you have to prove yourself over and over again — about who you are and where you belong? The video installation An Interview discusses this theme; how some of us are constantly questioned about their identity, their nationality, about themselves. The underlying theme in the installation, however, leans to love: just how much power there is when we meet each other with grace, understanding and love.

Emilia Hernesniemi is an artist, film director and one of the two founders of the Finnish clothing brand R/H. Jani Toivola is an author, actor, director, influencer and former MP.



Skidi library


The library is a place dedicated to remarkable works of literature. In this particular library we wonder what remarkable works of literature will be about in the future? And who will be the ones writing them? The answer is, of course — children! Both today’s kids, as well as those yet unborn.

Skidit are a creative concept design studio in the kids’ culture sector, combining pedagogy and art. Skidit curate and construct creative experiences for children, powered by raucous love and a wild spark.



Roots of Knowledge

The University of the Arts Helsinki’s Design for the Performing Arts students

The installation was brainstormed around ecological themes, various types of connections, networks, and the cyborg world. It is composed of a video, and recycled, old and used chords from electronic devices, taking over the space.

Working group: Vera Kotkaniemi, Elina Kuusela, Virva Myllyaho, Anna Pietilä, Mira Roivainen and Titta Vilhunen.





Forest is a crossroads, whose layers are revealed to us through the video of evolution biologist Aura Raulo’s speech. In addition, we hear a soundscape from an Uusimaa forest from spring 2022, in which the sounds of liminal species are mixed with the forest species as well as urban sounds and the humming of trees. Treehouse also features video material by Jonathan Sundtröm. The installation is made out of existing materials from various exhibitions throughout the years.

W A U H A U S is a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary arts collective. The collective creates contemporary theatre, performance art and dance productions, as well as social choreography, lectures and workshops. Working group: Samuli Laine and Heidi Soininsalo.


Its Songs We Sing

Soil Searchers Collective

The installation, premiered in Lux Helsinki, takes the experiencer into another kind of a forest. The ever-expanding network of mycelium creates channels between root systems. Trees do not use all of this carbon for their own growth, but exchange it for nutrients mined by microbes and soil animals, creating an exchange economy — whose songs we should all sing.

Working group: Teemu Lehmusruusu, Vilja Achté, Wimme&Rinne, Liisa Kulmala and Jussi Heinonsalo.




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Wall of Good Life

What is your key ingredient for leading a good life? Write down your recipe on a note, and post it on the wall to bring hope to your fellow visitors.

Wall of Good Life is a communal installation of hope. The wall is built with leftover materials from the exhibition setup. Leave your own note y, and see what brings  hope or joy to other visitors of Puistokatu 4.


Peppu Monument


During the pandemic Teemu “Ukkeli” Keisteri suddenly had a lot of time to think, and felt like creating something maximum fun. While the whole world seems to be in turmoil Keisteri wanted to create a place where, for a moment, there is joy in the middle of the world’s chaos.

Teemu Keisteri is a Helsinki-based visual artist and DJ, particularly well-known from his Ukkeli and the Windows95 Man characters.




Sivuun Ensemble

Silentopia provides a place to walk towards hope by remembering the distinct and caring of the newborns. The installation consists of ritualistic acts, in which a mark one has left becomes a part of a shared whole. In this room, you have a possibility to meet and revise our influence on our planet’s well-being. Each visitor can be a part of building Silentopia.

Sivuun Ensemble is a Helsinki-based dance theater. The works of the ensemble highlight a dialogue between different art forms.

Set design: Ainu Palmu, Ninni Perko and Alisha Davidow
Sound design: Paavo Malmberg
Musicians: Jarmo Saari, Anni Elif, Pauli Lyytinen and Paavo Malmberg


Follow me (Please)

Students of the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts

The four installations has been built by the students of the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Arts on study period in the spring 2022. The installations deal with the topics of spirituality, turmoil, hope, shallowness and social media.

The working group: Pihla Elomaa, Jurij Engeström, Mirja Grönqvist, Emma Itäsalmi, Filippa Jonasson, Pauliina Kallio, Ester Kallonen, Sanni Laakso, Milla Laita, Matias Laitinen, Teo Milonoff, Siiri Ojaksela, Susanna Orava, Kissa Koskinen, Ella Saxelin, Liina Sivonen, Oskari Tengvall ja Pihla Toivonen.



Floor is Lava

Landys Roimola

The installation can be seen as a certain type of otherworldly creature. It is built with junk metal and plastic waste from strawberry fields. Previous versions of the installation have been displayed in for example the Mänttä Art Festival.

Landys Roimola is a Colombian-born artist. With her art, Roimola addresses societal and social problems, identity and climate change. Roimola’s works has been seen in private and group exhibitions in Finland as well as internationally.

Sound design by musician Noah Kin.



Is There Space for Empathy? (2. kerros, juhlasali)

Enni-Kukka Tuomala

The installation investigates the invisible spaces between us, and surrounding us. It invites us in empathy, and to reflect how could we create shared spaces for equal and empathetic encounters, among humans and other beings and species?

Enni-Kukka Tuomala is London-based artist and designer specializing in empathy. Tuomala focuses on promoting and addressing empathy in individuals, communities and societies



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From chaos to beauty

Veli Studio

The attic is filled with meditative wishfulness and an atmosphere that creates courage and strength; hope, warmth and force with the help of deep sounds vibrating in very low frequencies. The sound ambience is a combination of spoken word and deeply calming ambient music and echoing gospel humming.

Veli Studio is a full service creative studio and production company for film, 3D animation and art, based in Helsinki and London. The working group: Jaako Hurme, Jenni Salonen, Sakke Soini ja Ville Tolvanen.



Our planet before humans

Rosa Liksom

In Puistokatu 4, our planet is being researched in many ways, from many different perspectives. In this wall painting structure of the world and its phenomena is understood with basic elements — the earth, water, air, and fire.

Rosa Liksom is an artist and an author, whose short story collections and novels have been translated to tens of languages. Liksom has also created comics, paintings, films, plays, and childrens books


Free, accessible and kid-friendly exhibition is open every day from August 8th to 21st, 10am–5pm, except on Thursday the 11th and 18th when we are open until 8pm!