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The opening exhibition of Puistokatu 4 had thousands of visitors – work for an ecologically sustainable future will begin in autumn

The opening exhibition of Puistokatu 4 at Kaivopuisto had more than 5,300 visitors in two weeks. Next, a Space of Science and Hope will become a home of researchers, social operators, companies and organisations who work with the environmental crisis. The application for research and operator positions is now open!

14 Rooms, the opening exhibition of Puistokatu 4, and accompanying events, gathered an audience of a total of 5,300 viewers.

Combining science and art, the 14 Rooms exhibition featured works about environmental feelings, empathy and biodiversity loss, among other themes, by Rosa Liksom, Jani Toivola, Emilia Hernesniemi, Teemu ‘Ukkeli’ Keister, Landys Roimola, Enni-Kukka Tuomala, WAUHAUS, Veli Studio, Soil Searchers Collective, Skidit, Sivuun Ensemble, the students of Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Visual Art and students of design for performing arts from Theatre Academy.

In addition to the exhibition, the programme of the opening weeks of Puistokatu 4 included the Dark Drag club and a live performance of Silentopia during the Night of the Arts, as well as a Friendly Demonstration discussion in Huvilanranta.

‘At the heart of Puistokatu 4 is the normalisation of a good life that fits within the boundaries of the planet, and building a future worth working for. During the opening of the house, we examined this idea through an art exhibition, a burlesque club and optimistic discussion. There are many different routes to taking action, and we are happy that our message resonates so widely,’ says Nina Ruotsalainen, CXO at Puistokatu 4.

In autumn, work for building an ecologically sustainable future begins at Puistokatu 4

From October 2022, Puistokatu 4 will be used by researchers, operators and citizens interested in solving the ecological crisis.

The first and second floors of the house will have rooms that can be applied for and rented by social agents, organisations and companies working with the environmental crisis. The second floor will house the new offices of the Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation, the Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation and the Forum for Environmental Information. The third floor will house the science space Science Attic, a communal workspace for researchers working to solve the environmental crisis.

Applications for both the researcher and the agent positions is now open! 

Beginning from October, Puistokatu 4 will regularly host events that are open for everyone, and a library room that will be freely available to the citizents is being built in the first floor of the house. In addition, Elm, a block restaurant that enjoys great popularity, continues to operate on the first floor of the building as usual.

‘The ecological crisis affects every one of us, so the events at the house are open for everyone. There is no one correct way to deal with these issues, and building a sustainable future requires communication across social groups,’ say Anna Herlin (Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation) and Minttu Jaakkola (Maj and Tor Nessling Foundation), who share the leadership of the project.