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The pilot year of Puistokatu 4 in pictures – a Space of Science and Hope provided a meeting spot for presidents, toddlers, researchers, artists and more in 2023

In the pilot year of Puistokatu 4, the house hosted more than 50 events, with around 2000 people envisioning a good life within planetary boundaries. In the Puistokatu community, 29 researchers and 19 agents built a more ecologically sustainable future.

The events at Puistokatu 4 reached around 2000 people in 2023. Julia Thurén’s parents’ circle provided peer support for climate-anxious parents of young children.


The Puistokatu 4’s library was open to all throughout the year. The library also hosted the Sustainable City Reading Circle, led by Johanna Vuorelma, Riikka Suominen and Inari Virkkala.


In 2023, our premises were rented out to build an ecologically sustainable future in total 200 times. Photo by Andrew Taylor.


Members of Puistokatu 4 created a community


In the pilot year, the Science Attic of Puistokatu 4 hosted 29 researchers representing almost as many disciplines i.e. economics, biology and architecture.


“My time at Puistokatu was full of interesting encounters, educational events and peer-support lunches,” says Roni Lappalainen, a researcher of the Science Attic.


Through our Researcher Lunch concept a total of 30 curious people came to learn about the work of our researchers over lunch at Restaurant Elm.


During the summer, the research bees at Puistokatu 4 collected data on the biodiversity of the area. Lotta Kaila (left), who was finishing her PhD at Science Attic, was awarded Academic of the Year 2023.


A total of 19 agent members worked at Puistokatu 4 during the year. The community included startups, activists and foundations.


“Puistokatu 4 has provided a unique opportunity to be part of a community where everything is tinged with meaning,” says Efe Evwaraye of Timeout-Foundation, a member of Puistokatu 4.


“The most important thing about Puistokatu 4 is the community that has formed here over the year. Everyone is interested in an ecologically sustainable future and comes together from different backgrounds,” says Terhi Vapola of Greencode Ventures.


Politicians and business leaders gathered in Puistokatu 4


In February, Climate Crisis Masterclass was held at Puistokatu 4, bringing together politicians, business leaders and environmental scientists. The event featured speakers such as Johan Rockström, John Kerry and President Sauli Niinistö.



In October, we organised a Biodiversity Leadership Course, which brought together 25 business leaders to learn about biodiversity. The course was led by ecologists Anna-Liisa Laine and Tomas Roslin.


At the Operation Arctic election panel in March, Atte Harjanne, Mai Kivelä, Nea Nättinen and Lauri Muranen were asked how climate policy fits into the constraints of physical reality.


Difficult themes approached through art


Art was also enjoyed at Puistokatu 4 during the pilot year. On the Night of the Arts on 25 August, Sonja Salomäki’s Planetbic brought planetary aerobic to our yard.


Together with Helsinki International Film Festival, we organised a free screening of the Dear Arctic document on 23.9. Photo by Adriana Dobrin.


In October, Atmospheric Un/knowing event combined science and art. Josefina Nelimarkka, Markku Kulmala, Frank Martela, STINAKO, Tapio Viitasaari and Matti Ahopelto participated in the program.


“It’s wonderful to invite people to Puistokatu 4, because this place allows folks to join!”, says Meiju Niskala, an artist, writer and Puistokatu 4 member who led the Puistokatu Drawing Club.


Partnerships reached new audiences


Puistokatu 4’s Friendly Demonstration discussion series continued with new partners: the discussions took place at Dance House Helsinki, World Village Festival and the Helsinki International Film Festival. Photo by Sami Sorasalmi.


Puistokatu 4 was the venue for the Helsinki Book Fair pre-party on 19.10. The event was streamed on Yle Areena and featured Ville Blåfield, Kerttu Kotakorpi and Anni Kuu Nupponen discussing the good life within the planetary boundaries.


Helsinki Partners and The Impact Office organized a House of Impact event on 29 November, which brought together 200 investors and entrepreneurs working for a better tomorrow.


The popular restaurant Elm served downstairs. Restaurateur Luka Balać served food to the children of the local day-care centre on 27 April.



This year, young and subversive voices were the main contributors to our blog. The pages were filled with contributors such as Operation Arctic (pictured) and Ida Korhonen.