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Can the climate be repaired? – Operaatio Arktis organised a three-day seminar at Puistokatu 4 on saving the Arctic summer sea ice

From 30 August to 1 September, Operaatio Arktis organised the Arctic Momentum event at Puistokatu 4, which discussed the state of the Arctic sea ice and climate repairing techniques.

Lotta Hagelin interviewed Helmi Ljetoff (left) and Inka Musta on Sámi perspectives on climate justice and research ethics.

The three-day Operaatio Arktis event brought scientists, policy makers, indigenous peoples, activists and experts from around the world to the Space of Science and Hope to discuss climate repairing. Youth participation was emphasised in all discussions.

Professor Michel Tsamados from University College London presented the impacts of different emission scenarios on the Greenland ice sheet.

In addition to climate change, the event also addressed the situation of indigenous peoples in the Arctic and the political climate more generally. Discussions highlighted the need for accessible knowledge and equitable governance of climate change, and underlined the need for inclusive discourse and language.

Member of Finnish Parliament Pekka Haavisto gave speech at the closing event of Arctic Momentum at Bio Rex.

The outcome of the seminar was presented to broad audience

The seminar culminated in a public event at Bio Rex, where the debates held on Puistokatu 4 were brought to the public.

After the event hundreds of people moved on to the premiere of the movie Dear Arctic by RARE media and Johannes Roviomaa.  In the movie the members of Operaatio Arktis Anton Keskinen and Ada Koistinen also raised the acute need for equitable research on climate change.

“Arctic Momentum was an opening for a discussion on how to protect the Arctic summer sea ice in a fair way.  Although the event is now over, the debate around this topic will continue for a long time to come!” Operaatio Arktis said.

Photos: Pietari Purovaara